I had a dream…

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January 9, 2012 by Worship, Community, Formation

… on Saturday; a momentary fragment of dream, only.    Those in our church who are robed in white – sometimes including myself – are, of course, gathered near or at the altar.    A crucifer, two acolytes, a deacon and the presiding priest.    They are a balanced visual picture for the congregation, communicating, perhaps, order, ritual, and mystical goings on.

In my dream it was different.   Those wearing albs – the white robes – were not those who stood about the altar, but those who spontaneously took the initiative to welcome people and steward the congregation.   My dream offered no logical reason for how this might have come about.    They appeared randomly throughout the body of the church.  

Had I not woken up at that point, I might have thought to count them, to see whether there were more white robes than usual, or fewer.   But the dream certainly left me wondering about where a church tells its congregation and its visitors that authority rests.   Is the most important work done at the altar, or amongst the flock?


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